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Acupressure for Pregnancy & Birth

‘Acupressure for Labour Booklet’ by Debra Betts 

Birthing Preferences

Birthing Preferences

Baby’s Position

Belly Mapping 

Optimal Fetal Positioning?


Breech/Posterior Positioned Baby

Optimal Maternal Positioning - Pelvic Alignment

Spinning Babies – Turning a Breech Baby

Cord Clamping Information

Cord Clamping Information Video – 90 Seconds to Change the World

‘Delayed’ (or Optimal) Cord Clamping

Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What Does the Evidence Say?

Big Babies / Size of Pelvis

Big Babies – Evidence Regarding Induction or C-Section

Pelvises I Have Known and Loved 


Hormones and Physiology of Childbirth

Your Hormones are Your Helpers 

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing 

Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour 

Induction of Labour Balancing Risks 

Every Week Counts

Vaginal Examinations 

The ‘Routine’ Use of Vaginal Examinations During Physiological Birth – Examining the Evidence

Alternative ways to check ‘dilation’ 


Common Interventions during Birth

Artificial Rupture of Membranes 

Monitoring Baby During Labour

Monitoring Your Baby During labour

Research Article – Electronic Fetal Monitoring EFM


Positions for Labour & Birth

The Evidence on Birthing Positions 



The Midwives Cauldron (Podcast) - Pushing and Cervixes

Pushing for First Time Mums 


Birthing the Placenta

Third Stage of Labour – Dr Sarah Buckley 

Birth of the Placenta – Dr Rachel Reed 


Post Birth

The miracle of skin-to-skin 

Breastfeeding Resource – Baby Led Attachment


Additional Recommended Reading and Research

Epidurals – Dr Sarah Buckley – 

Paracetamol Use in Labour 

What You Don’t Know About Episiotomies Can Hurt You

Perineal Massage

Group B Strep 

Gestational Diabetes